Personal Profile

Yvonne Gray is the innovator of the sleekly designed, high quality skin care and colour cosmetics line that bears her name. 


Starting her career as a Dermatician, Personal Stylist and celebrity Make-up artist, Yvonne now operates the Yvonne GraY Training Academy, teaching Skin Therapy, Make-up Artistry, Colour Analysis, Styling, Personal Branding and Corporate Image Design, alongside distribution of her professional product line. 


Established in 1978, Yvonne's philosophy and products are currently promoted via skin therapists and personal image professionals - many of whom she has trained first hand in the specialised prescription and application of her treatment products.


Yvonne is often called upon to advise and co-ordinate incredible transformations in the personal image of celebrities and stars worldwide.  Yvonne tells anyone who wants a make-over like Susan Boyle they can have one - "It's amazing to see what we can do with a fabulous haircut, improved teeth and even a little make-up brushed on in the right places".


Yvonne goes on to say....

 “Life as a career woman today, balancing the demands of family and business has many pressures, and I know only too well the challenge of looking and feeling your best every day with the minimum of time and effort.  Women now really value the benefits of good grooming and want to be in charge of the image they project. 


I believe our Skin Care routine and Make-up routine should work simply and effectively, so we can truly relax and know we look good, without needing to give our image a second thought. With this kind of confidence we can hold our head high and live life to the full.


My research has led me to discover numerous anti-ageing ingredients, and face and body treatment rituals from all over the world.  Alongside a dedicated team of expert Dermatologists, Bio-Chemists and Cosmetic Scientists, I have developed what I passionately believe to be the finest quality, nutritious and clinically pure products available".


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