Make-up Hints

Yvonne advises...


•        The main mistake most women make when applying make-up is lack of make-up confidence, using the wrong colours for their skin tone, not blending enough and there is too little advice available on how to apply it well.


•        Always make up in a good, natural light.  Once a week, look into a mirror reflecting full daylight onto your face.  Check for stray eyebrows or facial hair that even the clearest sighted can otherwise miss.


•        Heavy foundations covering the whole of the face, or not enough foundation in the right places can give you a dull and flat or patchy and uneven effect.  Layered textures involving creams and powders give good coverage and add luminosity and dimension that ‘perfects’ the skin for the most flattering finish.   


•        The most modern advance in make-up is the impression of “perfect” skin. For a modern, contemporary make-up look, start with a moisturiser or nourishing treatment that fully addresses the needs of your skin type, before applying your base. Use minimal foundation on your skin and only in the places you really need it, but be sure to use the shade that matches your natural skin tone as closely as possible. Such a layering technique “perfects” the skin tone, and provides the ideal base for a lasting make-up.


•        If you want a “healthy” sun-kissed glow, resist the temptation to go for a darker foundation.  Instead, opt for a bronzer blusher applied sparingly with a large soft brush.  Slowly build up applications until you are happy with the colour – this way you’ll avoid looking orange.


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