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Enriched with natural vegetal pigments, and age-defying ingredients, this new generation of Make-up works in harmony with your skin, being both nourishing and protective.

Luxury Mesh Make-up Bags can be filled with your choice of colours, providing unlimited scope for creativity and a variety of make-up looks as unique and individual as you are.

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                                                                                             Eyeshadow 230 / Flutterby Blue


Perfecting Base Foundation

Fine textured foundation that provides excellent coverage for light to medium skin tones. For best results, apply with a Flat Foundation Brush and blend with a dry latex wedge. Perfecting Base Foundation feels totally weightless and looks entirely natural. Blended with pure vegetal pigments and plant extracts with fresh Royal Jelly and UVA/UVB filters.


Comes iin a convenient  travel size - ideal for your Make-up bag

15ml                                                                           9 shades                                                  £12.95

Shade:                                Quantity:          


NOTE:  Please EMAIL us to check stock availability before ordering foundations. 

New stock due end of February 2013 onwards.


Colour Corrective Toners

A light textured mousse with excellent coverage to counteract >medium to strong skin pigmentation. Wear under foundation to neutralise REDNESS (use MINT), SHADOWS (use OCHRE) or SALLOWNESS (use LILAC).  Apply with brush or latex sponge and blend. Stipple foundation over the top and set with Translucent Superfine Matt Powder (below).


30ml                 3 shades                                                                                                 16.50

Shade:         Quantity:          

Superfine Powder

Finely milled powder contains a micro-bonding ingredient to keep foundation extra long lasting. 50g                                                                                                                                 25.00

(NOTE: if 50ml size is not available, we will supply two x half sizes (25ml) at  12.95 each)

Shade:         Quantity:          


Individual colours for structuring the cheekbones and defining facial contours.  


10 shades                        View Colour Chart HERE                each  12.50







  Eye and Lip Pencils
Yvonne Gray soft Eye Pencils are an ideal base to wear under Eyeshadow, which is applied over the eye pencil to soften, smudge and set it.


Lip pencils give a defined outline for lipstick and help prevent lipstick from 'bleeding' over the lip line.  How to apply:  Define lip shape with gentle strokes of lip liner, then blot it with a tissue and dust a fine layer of translucent powder over it to set it.  Then apply lipstick (ideally with a lip brush), covering the lip liner completely at the edges.  

 shades                                                                                 each  7.95







Richly saturated colours and soft, luxuriant textures can be used sparingly to create soft, translucent colour tints, or applied more intensely for more dramatic and vibrant effects.                           


20 shades                        View Colour Chart HERE          each  12.50







      Eyeshadow   233 / Fresh New Leaf


                 Eyeshadow 230 / Flutterby Blue


Pure Colour Lipsticks

An exciting collection of delicious colours in rich, succulent textures to balance your make-up look in relation to your colouring, and blend with the colouring of your outfits. Due to its high melting point, Beeswax gives an exceptionally long-lasting finish.


30 shades                  View Colour Chart HERE              each  14.50

Shade:      Quantity:               



           Lipstick 7 /  Fresh Orchid


                  Lipstick  9 / Apricot Sorbet