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What is a Personal Image?

The way we present ourselves, look, sound and act speaks volumes about who we are and how much we respect ourselves. Within just 30 seconds of meeting someone, we believe we know their level of competence, background and likeability within about 80 percent of accuracy. Your personal image creates a lasting impression even before you start speaking. It can take just ten seconds to ruin your image and ten years to rebuild it. Whether we like it or not, we all have a personal image, so it makes sense to take control and ensure it works for you to give you the best possible advantage in your life and relationships.

Why should I book a session with an Yvonne Gray Personal Image Designer?

There are countless ways to send the wrong messages or to mask your true values which can cause others to dismiss our doubt your abilities. However, many of these messages are unspoken and it requires the focus and skills of a trained professional to identify visual and hidden signals you are transmitting, and guide you in how to improve them. Maybe you don’t have the time to shop well or are overwhelmed by the multitude of colours, clothing styles and make-up products available. Perhaps you need to look more authoritative, creative or approachable, or an important event is coming up and you want to look and sound as professional as you feel.  The Yvonne Gray Studio specialises in Personal Image Design - methods of presenting yourself with in a similar way to that of a product, except in this case that product is YOU!


Are there sessions for Men as well as Women?

Men are just as likely to benefit from sessions as women. Often more, since so little advice of this kind is available. 





      Where do Sessions take place and what do I bring?


Sessions are typically held at your home, place of work or any venue of your choice.  If we need to hire conference rooms, charges for such are at cost.


You may wish to bring along a list of objectives or selection of pictures and cuttings that typify the look or qualities you'd like to project.  Also, one or two garments or outfits you feel especially good in and (ladies), your make-up bag.  Style sheets, Colour decks and Work books are all provided as applicable.






Complete Personal Image Design:  (The full package:)                     (5 hours plus 2 hours)   £295      2-3  delegates  £250 each

Complete Personal Image Make-over including Colour Analysis, Styling, Make-up Lesson (or for men, Feature Enhancement) combined with Paralanguage, posture, deportment and voice projection.

 With this Session, a complete “Walk the Talk” Implementation Programme is included.


OR  Individual Sessions:  (which can eventually add up to the full package)


Ladies Colour Analysis:    (90 minutes).                                                                         One-to-One  £95         2–3 delegates,  £75 each

Of over 40,000 documented, named and referenced colours, about a quarter of them will be your ideal for clothes and make-up – even your home or office décor and car!  We study the entire Colour Spectrum and conduct Derma Analysis, Tricho Analysis and Ocular Analysis to determine the colours that are visually flattering to your skin tone, hair and eye colouring. Session includes Analysis, Wardrobe Planning and Colour Co-ordination plus identifying the best shades for various garments. For women, this session includes make-up application which can be extended to a Make-up Lesson on the same session, for an extra fee (see below).


Personal Styling: (90 minutes).                                                                                         One-to-One  £95         2–3 delegates,  £75 each

Reveals why certain styles of various garments, shoes and hair style enhance your body shape and why others should be avoided.  We then identify an ideal outline silhouette for you with recommendations on specific necklines, garment styles, skirt / trouser and jacket lengths.


Paralanguage (90 minutes)                                                                                                                                                 One-to-One  £125 

A short video of you talking naturally for a few minutes reveals multitudes about your personal characteristics and mannerisms. This powerful system reveals hidden messages that we often unwittingly communicate to those we meet and points to a positive path for improvements. Session includes Posture, Deportment, Mannerisms, Voice Projection accent and intonation, with video, analysis and programme for implementing enhancements and carrying off your new Image with a unique personal style and confidence.  


Professional Make-up Lesson:  (60 minutes).                         £95 .   Extra to Colour Analysis  £65.    Group of 3 or more:   £55 each

Learn professional make-up skills from top London photographic studios that work with light, shade and colour to give you a well groomed and elegant make-up finish. 


Feature Enhancement Lesson:  (60 minutes)                                                           One-to-One  £65 .   Extra to Colour Analysis  £55  

Ideal for men, stage presentations, television, children up to 12 years and for women who prefer to wear no obvious make-up. A subtle but essential “no-make-up” look, working purely with light and shade (without colour).  Enhances clarity of complexion, definition of features and enlivens the face for a younger, fresher look.


Personal Wardrobe Planning and / or Shopping                                                               £35 per hr  (plus travel & time at cost) 

Accompanying you to either your favourite shopping areas (or ours), as required.   Regularly held in:  London, Windsor, St Albans, Oxford, High Wycombe (Eden Centre), Bicester, Stratford upon Avon, Kingston, Marlow and Henley on Thames.


 I would like to book a Session / Workshop for my daughter. Is there any recommended minimum age?

 The sooner a young lady adopts skills that will last a lifetime - the better!  Personal colouring settles down at around 12 years of age, when girls are more likely to take on board and apply any professional recommendations.

I would like to purchase a gift voucher.  How long are they valid for?

Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

How do I arrange an appointment?

Please call or email us to advise your requirement or book a consultation.



The Studio

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HP14 3XT


0870 737 0077



 All prices include VAT
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