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Property Matchmakers offer a much needed service - connecting Home Sellers and Buyers to enable them both to move home and move on with their lives.

Buyers: No mortgage?  No deposit?  No problem! We help buyers to find a home that a seller is willing to rent to them long term, with first option to purchase it later. Meanwhile, you can can put down roots and enjoy the property as if it is your own.

Sellers: Fed up with paying the mortgage and council tax?  No problem!  We help sellers find a buyer who wants to rent now, to buy later.  In the meantime, you benefit from guaranteed rental payments that cover any mortgage, council tax and maintenance costs, which gives you a much better return than your money would attract, sitting in even the highest interest savings account.  Once your tenant-buyer settles in and they see a portion of their payments go towards the option to buy your house, they become very motivated to take full ownership of your property within or at the end of the term. 

This ethical WIN-WIN solution to selling and buying houses is simple and works well in so many situations, it will not be long before most people will be happily buying and selling houses this way.

If you are interested in Selling or Buying a home, please CONTACT US - today!