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YVONNE GRAY is launching her new Collection for Interiors The Sequesse Collection, under the Cheyne Aston brandSequesse offers an innovative range of designer-sourced furniture, soft furnishings and home accessories. 

With 35 years experience in Fashion, Beauty and Interiors, Yvonne takes the sound principals of colour, line and style she has used for fashion and image design, extending them to Design for residential and commercial interiors.

The fusion between fashion and interiors has never been more relevant. Our living environment and commercial spaces have become subject to the same directional trends in fashion.  Many leading fashion, perfumery and cosmetics designers have extended their brands to encompass home interiors and lifestyle. The proliferation of ideas, speed of manufacture and more visually literate consumers has resulted in interiors being subject to the same desire for innovation, change and fashion-conscious styling.

With the current trends influencing pattern and colour, Sequesse offers welcome expert advice and stylish Designer Collections for those seeking inspiration and tasteful interior schemes that simply -  work.

Sequesse is far more than a furniture store. It provides you with practical guidance on selecting Themes, Colour Schemes, Furniture and Accessories - soon with downloadable room layouts, colour wheels and budgets to ensure your choice of decor fits your space and resources. Plus, there is also expert help on hand if you need it.

Yvonne’s style of interiors is luxurious and comfortable yet stylish and practical. However overwhelmed you may be with the choices available, her sound advice is like a guiding hand to steer you in the right direction for designing your décor, or to breathe new life into an otherwise tired or dreary space.

Room by room, from Living and Dining through to Rest areas, Yvonne and her Design Team have sourced perfectly complementing paint colours, gorgeous wallcoverings and stunning fabrics, furniture and accessories - to help you create stylish and harmonious interior schemes you can be proud to show off to your family and friends.

Yvonne’s profound knowledge of colour, line and style is based on finely tuned application of the principals of:

         Chiaroscuro  -  the study of light and its visual interpretation of distance and size, helps us make our rooms appear more spacious and larger items of furniture look unobtrusive.

          Optical illusion -  the illusionary effects of line and form to create optical balance andvisual  harmony. This helps us use pattern and colour to counteract  any negative features, provide focus and lead the eye towards positive features.

          Colour Analysis - skilled use of the colour spectrum to create visual harmony and well colour co-ordinated Design Schemes.

Whether you are redecorating the whole house or just one room, Sequesse offers fresh inspiration and a level of expertise that’s hard to find elsewhere.


The Sequesse Collections are forever expanding and changing, so check back regularly for inspiration, advice and ideas.


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