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This is no ordinary facial

Amazing products. dramatic results, unsurpassed luxury and a highly sophisticated, scientific approach make this an experience in a class of its own.

After 35 years of studying, testing and observing results of the world’s most advanced anti-ageing treatments, expert Dermatician, YVONNE GRAY has launched her multi-faceted, Anti-Ageing Programme and range of advanced formulations that provide truly spectacular results.

What is so special about this treatment?

“Apitherapy” employs active ingredients from the honey-hive including ROYAL JELLY and Purified BEE VENOM which, in synergy with optimum quantities of Phyto-therapy and Aromatherapy, treat the skin with powerfully active anti-oxidants and anti-ageing compounds that trigger the skin to act and behave differently. This is a real scientific advance in anti-ageing skin care with a visible difference that can take years off your appearance!

As the pioneer of this special Therapy combined with Incandescent BioLight and her innovative, signature massage techniques, Yvonne has not yet trained any other Therapists to conduct this special Treatment.  She alone offers these exclusive luxury facials to a select clientele either at her Studio or at their homes or workplaces in the London, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire areas.

Initially, clients are offered an (optional) ‘Taster’ Session to impart the concept and assess their skin’s response to the treatment.  This is followed by a course of 3 treatments over a 21 day period to rebalance the skin and boost its anti-age defence mechanisms - after which a maintenance programme of one treatment a month is recommended.  A personally tailored, ‘Years Younger Home Care Ritual’ is prescribed for each client, to maintain and enhance the effects between salon treatments.

PLEASE NOTEThere is currently a 2 - 3 month waiting list for Courses of  ‘The ONE’ Treatment Sessions with Yvonne.  This is updated weekly, and we are currently accepting bookings from November 2012 onwards.

Taster Sessions are offered 3 - 6 weeks in advance, booking NOW.


‘THE ONE‘                 See amazing results for yourself!

TASTER SESSION  (45 minutes)                                                                                     £75

LUXURY FACIAL TREATMENT      (90 minutes)                                                           £145

LUXURY FACIAL COURSE             3  x  Full Sessions (each 90mins)                          £399


An initial (and thereafter annual) booster Course of 3 weekly Treatments, followed by maintenance sessions of one a month.

For enquiries and further details, please contact the Sequesse Studio, below.

Gift Vouchers a speciality. £25, £50, £100, £250, £500



                                                                                           0870 737 0077                                  



‘THE ONE’  - Years Younger Luxury Facial

Celebrity Facial Therapist YVONNE GRAY, offers a variety of Luxury Facials in the relaxed comfort of your home, work place or any suitable venue of your choice.

Treatment Facials address the precise needs of your skin at any particular time and are tailored to the individual to correct any imbalances such as over-dryness or excess oil.

At any time, you can opt for the ultimate in luxury with Yvonne’s celebrated, signature facial -

‘The ONE’ Years Younger, Luxury Facial, featured below.

Moisture Enrichment Facial (for de-hydrated skin)   (60 mins)                                 £65

Revitalising Treatment Facial  (for tired, de-vitalised skin)   (60 mins)                      £65              

Express Facial          (30 mins)    Little and often, or for tight schedules                     £35

Special Eyes Treat    (30 mins)   Can be added to any facial                                      £35

Treatment Facials

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