At Yvonne Gray, we’re proud of the Treatments, Sessions and Workshops we offer – not just because we believe the content is truly valuable, but also because we can help deliver consistently excellent results. Helping clients look radiant and younger than their years, and workshop delegates transform their personal and professional lives, we like to shout from the rooftops about our achievements.

However, what is more satisfying for us is when our customers are talking about our company and the results they are seeing every day for themselves.  Below is a small selection of comments from our satisfied clients. 


“THE ONE”  Luxury Facial Treatment

“Frankly, although I was impressed by the Press article I read and the professionalism, presentation and method of Yvonne’s new therapy, I was still a little sceptical as to how different this facial could really be.  After all, I’ve had facials the world over on my frequent business travels, but I can honestly say I have never experienced any treatment that left me looking and feeling as I did today.  If this is the taster, I cannot wait to enrol on the full course!  I know you have a long waiting list but I would be grateful if you can let me know if you have any cancellations so I can start a course of  treatments before my holiday”.

Sarah H, Marlow, UK

“I believe I was Yvonne’s guinea pig for the new product line she was so excited about and having been a client of hers for over 20 years, I was keen to see what she has been working on without telling us!  I was thrilled with the look and feel of my skin after my facial, and cannot speak more highly of Yvonne’s truly different approach.  The highlight of my treatment was undoubtedly the Bee Venom Mask which I had heard so much about in the press lately. As soon as Yvonne painted it on I could feel the product working, a tingling sensation which was not unpleasant but most satisfying. At least I could feel something happening and this gave me huge confidence so I could really relax and enjoy the rest of the experience. Thank you, I was not disappointed and I look forward to using my Years Younger Home Care Ritual until I see you again”.

Mrs L H-Smith, Pangbourne, UK

Life Plan Workshop

“I was extremely pleased with my course with Yvonne Gray. I found the Life Plan Workshop friendly, immensely creative and inspiring and thought the venue in Henley was beautiful too.  The entire experience was exactly what I needed to get my life on track.  The Follow Through Programme was swift and efficient and I was constantly informed throughout the process what I need to change and what to expect. The Programme not only did 'exactly what it said on the tin', but my life now resembles little of the direction-less existence I led before.  I really cannot thank you enough!”

Anita L, Oxford, UK

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the thought provoking exercises and excellent templates you have given me during my Life Plan Programme. This is a very modern and up-to-date course and I am very pleased with the positive impact this is having on my life. As one who has generally struggled with self-discipline, I appreciate the care, attention and valuable information you have provided to help implement important decisions and changes in my life. Many, many thanks!”

Jane F, Shropshire, UK

Years Younger Workshop

"I was really excited about enrolling on your Years Younger Workshop, but also found it a little scary - bearing your all to complete strangers and not knowing whether your techniques would work for me. You hear all these stories of being trussed up like a chicken and looking like mutton dressed as lamb.  However, Yvonne Gray's workshops are different.  My concerns went away as soon as I met Yvonne's team and the other delegates - lovely ladies like me, just wanting to look and feel better. I made some great friends and we have all kept in touch.  It's an understatement to say I feel 10 years younger - it's more like 20!  Not only that, the change in my outlook has given me much more energy for the important things I value in life,  so thank you again".

Gina K, Marlow, UK

Personal Branding

"Yvonne, over the past we have built a good business relationship with each other. Your professionalism and courtesy inspired me which lead me to enrol on one of your Workshops. In fact you have now become one of my friends in addition to being my ongoing (Skype!) Professional Image Consultant.  As a human resources manager, I have no hesitation in recommending Yvonne Gray's Programmes to anyone looking for a major improvement in their professional profile. To my mind, the Personal Branding Programme is an important first step in any career development programme. Thanks Yvonne".

Jana M, Dubai

"At first I was sceptical about these new ideas for Branding myself as a product.  After my initial concerns and conversations with Yvonne's expert Image Design Team, they quickly allayed the concerns I had and I attended the Professional Branding Workshop with them.  More importantly they have delivered what they promised and I cannot wait to start next week on my Follow Through Programme".  

Andrea FJ, Somerset UK         

Personal Development Programmes

“The Workshops and Seminars I have attended by Yvonne Gray have always been of a very high standard and their recommendations to date have been very successful. Your team have shown great professionalism and patience with my initial scepticism to enable me to appreciate the value and benefits of your Personal Development Programmes.  I am about to embark on my Life Plan Workshop and with your continued support, I cannot wait to implement these positive changes in my life.”

Sarah B, Oxford, UK

Wonders in a Day Workshops

"Yvonne Gray's Wonders in a Day Workshops and her Team who run them are very professional.  They keep contact, update you on new ideas and have a variety of different and interesting course topics for these modern and ever changing times.  I really value the Follow Through Programme I enrolled on at the end of my course and I am delighted how well Yvonne's team are continuing to support me in that process".

Alison H, Berkshire,  UK

“I have been a client of Yvonne Gray for approximately fifteen years and cannot speak more highly of the quality of material and processes that are at the pinnacle of her Wonders in a Day Workshops. For me the real value is what you put into action afterwards.  Yvonne offers some truly excellent implementation Programmes which help you work through what you learn on each course, making it truly a 'Wonder in a Day' that can change your life for the better. I have now completed two of their Programmes and am very much looking forward to what else they have in store for us.”
Ricardo D.W,  Milano, Italy

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