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Yvonne GraY products are formulated from pure extracts of Nature.  They are hypo-allergenic and not tested on animals

Every day you use Yvonne Gray, you are a day closer to younger-looking skin.

The moment a drop of Royal Jelly touches your skin, a powerful regenerating action commences.

Royal Jelly is the special protein and vitamin-rich food produced by honeybees in the Apiary to feed their Queen.

Rich in life-supporting nutrients, Royal Jelly is solely responsible for the Queen Bee's astounding longevity (up to 30 times longer than the lifespan of normal bees)!   Living proof of such profound rejuvenating effect may be attributed to a mysterious 4% of the content of Royal Jelly which is as yet, scientifically unidentified.

In many countries, Royal Jelly is used to speed up skin healing in burn units.

Such a phenomenon of longevity of any species is unknown elsewhere in biology or medicine and over time, the performance of Royal Jelly has never ceased to amaze.

Royal Jelly is central to the Yvonne GraY Skin Care System. 

Used daily, your skin looks fresher, clearer and less tired with fewer surface lines. You'll quickly notice a difference when you DON'T apply your Yvonne GraY Royal Jelly day cream! 

Why not try our products and see a difference you never thought possible? 

If you are concerned about sensitivity, you needn't be.  All our products are hypo-allergenic so you can confidently treat your underlying skin type without worrying about reactions. 

If you email us with your skin type, any skin concerns and full contact details, we will happily send you samples of your ideal treatments to try before you purchase the full sizes.

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