discover a fresh approach to looking good -

enriching your body, mind and spirit


             We aim to make both using and buying YVONNE GRAY products a pleasure.

             Our range is pampering and gently effective - working hard to give you outstanding

             results so you can discover a healthy and radiant complexion whatever your age,

             skin type or colouring.                                                   Yvonne Gray


        delight in country-fresh fragrances as you apply feather-light treatments to your skin and be amazed by the visible improvement


        luxuriate in body spa treatments, knowing you are giving your body some of its best defences against visible signs of stress and ageing 


        create a gorgeous look, with natural based colours that are right for your colouring and in harmony with the natural functions of your skin


Nature is the key.  Harmony and wellbeing are the result...

                                      100% pure ingredients


                                      not tested on animals


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