Beauty Hints

Yvonne advises...


•        Love your life and Love yourself - just the way you are.  Strive for inner calm and outer radiance.


•        I believe beauty today is less about having a “certain look” and more about healthy, radiant skin and overall good grooming.  Ageing is a state of mind and your attitude towards it affects your looks.  How quickly you show signs of age depends what you value and focus on every day.  Look after your teeth, your eyes and your feet! After that, it’s skin, skin, skin all the way. Make up is the final accessory to have fun with - that which merely reflects and enhances what’s going on within.


•        Today’s foremost priorities for looking good are a well toned body, soft  shining hair and squeaky clean skin.




•        Don’t skimp on sleep. Being deprived of sleep affects your body and mind to a greater degree than you can imagine. If it helps, drift off listening to a meditation programme to help you release the stresses and strains of the day and get best from your sleep. The body repairs itself most effectively and your skin absorbs the nutrients in a night cream best when your muscles are relaxed and free of tension.


•        My all-time favourite essential oil is Frangipani which is evocative of the delicate flower offerings you see in traditional Balinese rituals. To me, its heady fragrance encapsulates everything that is beautiful in life, and its subtle essence is gloriously calming and relaxing to both mind and body.


•        Drink as much water as you can.  The health of your skin and body depend upon it and despite best intentions, few of us drink anywhere near enough. 


•        I am mainly concerned with the texture of the skin. I favour a method, and it works. As an advocate of water on the skin to cleanse, refresh and thoroughly hydrate the epidermis, my skin never feels really clean without it. Even the sound of running water is therapeutic to mind and soul, whether it be splashing waves, a rushing waterfall or a tinkling indoor fountain in the corner of the room which can be a visual delight as well. 




•        Regular exfoliation using a fine grain product which polishes (not scratches) the skin surface is a must for effectively removing oil and dead skin cells that clog the pores. There is little point in loading congested skin with advanced treatment products when the skin is not able to absorb it. Congestion inhibits the skin from absorbing vital moisture and functioning at its optimum level.  Exfoliate daily, or at least twice a week – it keeps your skin deep down clean, gives your skin a dewy glow and allows all your other products to work better.


•        My own skin routine involves manually hydrating my skin by rinsing away all traces of cleanser and impurities with fresh running water.  Then patting it dry and immediately applying a good hydrating treatment to seal all that moisture so critical for a dewy and luminous complexion.


•        Think very carefully before you purchase any skin care item, about what your main skin priorities are, and what you want to achieve. Key words to keep in mind are fresh, clear, glowing, smooth, vital, radiant and congestion-free. It almost always starts with personal hygiene and thorough cleansing.


•        Many women fail to show any brand loyalty today, confused by the multitude of products available and too often tempted by impulse buys and the lure of clever marketing offers.  Few give any product a fair chance to work its magic, and this results in an ever ending search for a miracle cure.  If you don’t stick long enough to one product, you will never see the long term benefits. 


•        I too enjoy experimenting with other products, because I’m immensely creative and love beautiful packaging, but I ultimately come back to my own trusted products. My skin takes a while to recover because I certainly notice the difference in the mirror when I am not using my own brand, and wonder once again why I was ever tempted to stray.



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